There are 45 royal deeds to complete. Some will appear as you play, while others are marked with question marks until they appear on the checklist or are completed.

Royal Deeds Edit

  • the Young
  • Govern at least 5 years

the Duelist

  • Win a duel

the Dazed

  • Try the blue one

The blue one refers to the blue mushroom that you can find if you choose to follow Rex into the forest or in a random event where a member of court offers it to you. There are two other mushrooms- orange and brown. The brown one does nothing, while the orange one allows you to see numbers and question marks instead of the circles that usually denote a change in one of the four attributes (religion, population, army, and money).

the Wicked

  • Recruit the Spy

the Patron

  • Recruit the Minstrel

the Blessed

  • Meet the clumsy prophet

the Lover

  • Start a romance

There are multiple ways to start a romance. The jester may approach you and say that the populace would like to see you with a lady; saying yes to him will begin a romance. The witch may approach you and offer her skills. Choose the love option, and you will be given a choice of potential lovers. Just be sure to pick one, otherwise declining all leads to the "I will die alone" and "Keep looking" options. You can also become lovers with the Senator after she is unmasked. However, this option is not as common as the other two.

Having a lover will grant you a status effect making it impossible to say no to your lover.

the Target

  • Hear about the conspiracy

the Tender

  • Arrange a bestial honeymoon

One of the court will approach you about people being eaten. There are two choices to make, and all of them lead to the same conclusion: you meet the werewolf with the blue background. Now to have a wedding you will need to know a second werewolf. The farmer will approach you about the forest. Tell him not to burn it down, and later he will visit you again. He has become a werewolf! After this one of the werewolves will express interest in meeting the other. Calm the jittery wolf to let them meet. It's love at first sight, and you will have successfully matched your furry friends.

the Doomed

  • Unmask the Senator

Follow the Senator's directions when blindfolded to complete this deed. Not following instructions leads to death via drowning.

the Pivot

  • Pass the first millenium

the Wise

  • Recruit the doctor

the Sorcerer

  • Meet the witch

the Creepy

  • Lose yourself in the dungeon

the Trump

  • Govern like a winner

Follow the advice your jester gives you.

the Alchemist

  • Find the Frozen Blood

To complete this you must be on a crusade. You will be offered a choice of treasure: a crown or a ruby. Choose the ruby (aka. the Frozen Blood).

the Settler

  • Discover a new world

the Boyfriend

  • Date a pigeon

When the witch offers you a choice of her magics, pick the love option. Then choose the "What choice?" option. Flip through the pictures of potential suitors until you see a bird. Choosing it nets you this royal deed.

the Pious

  • Build a cathedral

the Writer

  • Discover printing

the Greedy

  • Build a personal fortune

Choose the "It's mine!" option.

the Bigot

  • Build 5 churches

Does not need to be done on a single king.

the Devious

  • Invent modern politics

Let the spy place fire ants in the nobles' beds.

the Devil

  • Meet the devil

Around the year 666, you will have an encounter with the devil.

the Father

  • Have an heir

the Mage

  • Talk to the vase

The doctor will present you with a vase he claims to have created himself.

the Crusader

  • Start a crusade

the Peacemaker

  • End a crusade

the Seer

  • See the future

Speak to the fortune teller in the caravan.

the Musician

  • Write a war song

the Coward

  • Look somewhere else

Use child labor or start a slave trade.

the One-Handed

  • Lose a limb.

Choose to go on the hunt. There are three random outcomes, and only one of them leads to this achievement. Call for the doctor and have him tell you that you must amputate one of your arms. Accepting grants you this title and royal deed.

the Old

  • Govern at least 20 years

the Ancient

  • Govern at least 40 years

the Grizzled

  • Govern at least 60 years

the Senile

  • Govern at least 80 years

the Fossil

  • Govern at least 100 years

the Eternal

  • Govern at least two centuries

the Polyglot

  • Convince the barbarian to help

the Elephant

  • Unmask the elephant

the Urban

  • Crash the party

the Schizmatic

  • Start a schizm

the Decisive

  • Take a decision black or white

Choose the black or white bird when they ask you.

the Hat

  • Identify the terrorist cell

the Survivor

  • Trick the devil

Kick the dog to meet devil, Say 'No' to every person until you meet a skeleton asking you to let him guard your treasury. Say 'Yes' to him.